Craft beer & Indian street food

Craft beer & Indian street food

Indian food paired with craft beer? The concept sounds great and I can confirm it works! Anyone with a taste for craft beer and Indian food needs to head down to new restaurant Booma ( in Brixton ASAP.

Mr B saw an advert for the Crown & Anchor    ( and we hastily made plans to visit on Friday evening but after eating a few too many pub meals recently I wasn’t keen to eat there so I set about finding somewhere in Brixton that we’d yet to try and that’s when I discovered that the Crown & Anchor had a new sister restaurant Booma.

Unfortunately the restaurant has a no booking policy, but fortunately it’s a mere 5 steps away from the pub so you can enjoy a great beer whilst you wait for a table. Visiting on the Friday evening of the bank holiday weekend we had no issues getting a table but as soon as word gets out about the incredible food I think this will become a very popular place indeed.

The Crown & Anchor offers a great selection of cask & keg beers and having to wait here for a table wouldn’t be a hardship at all. As it was such a lovely evening we enjoyed a couple of beers outside before moving across to the restaurant. The Hurricane IPA was perfectly hopped and nicely refreshing in the heat.

The idea in the restaurant is to order small plates with 1/3 pints of corresponding beers. We chose the Oakham Green Devil IPA and pappadums to start whilst we decided on our other plates. I then had the paneer matched with sweet cider and the duck roll matched with a fruity beer. The paneer was lightly spiced and worked very well with the sweetness of the cider and the duck was rich and moist which complimented the berries from the beer nicely. Mr B had the succulent pork ribs made with 35 different spices that fell away from the bone perfectly, his chicken curry was creamy yet spicy which he matched with a pale ale. We were then given a complimentary dessert of chocolate mousse matched with milk stout. I’m not normally a dessert person and would never order chocolate but the dark chocolate mousse was superb! This rich and velvety dessert matched the stout (again something I wouldn’t normally order) very well. I would happily order both again.

As we settled the bill we were given a mint chocolate… Not the usual after eight, but a mint leaf dipped in white chocolate. It was very different modern take and it cleansed my palette nicely ready for a nightcap in the Crown & Anchor.

If you’re at a loose end this weekend head down and check it out before Timeout and the crowds get there!!

Mrs B xx




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