Primrose Hill and Regent’s Canal

Primrose Hill and Regent’s Canal

One of the first places in London that Mr B and I visite was Primrose Hill and thinking back it was probably on that very weekend in February 2010 that I fell in love with this magical city. Fast forward seven years and Mr B I have just celebrated our 5th anniversary in this wonderful place and it seemed fitting to mark it with a visit to Primrose Hill and a walk down Regent’s Canal

As we emerged from the tube at Chalk Farm we crossed the road and past the familiar sights, much to our friends dismay the Pembroke Castle wasn’t yet open, so on we walked past the cafes busy with people eating brunch weaving in out of the dog walkers heading home after a morning stroll. As we entered Regent’s Park we gave the usual warning ‘don’t look back until you’ve reached the top’, thankfully in the half hour we’d been on the tube the morning mist had cleared and we were greeted with an almost clear vista of London. As we stood there drinking in the view old memories started flooding back, what a five years it’s been, a year in Putney, a flat renovation in Clapham, job promotions, our wedding and of course the addition of Flo into the family. In those minutes there was certainly a confirmation that the last five years have been worth it, it’s never easy leaving behind family and friends but this city has provided us with so many opportunities to create lasting memories and long may it continue.

The view from Primrose Hill


The canal was a hive of activity and as we arrived in Camden there was a callout that is was now 12:01 and therefore an acceptable time to stop for the first refreshment of the day! We stopped in the Ice Wharf and I think everyone was very surprised to find a decent pint of craft beer for £4.50 (even if it was pricey by Whetherspoons standards). As we wandered along we spotted a group enjoying the autumn sunshine clutching Prosecco bottles in a hot tub boat and groups trying to navigate the various locks.

The Locks at Camden


The remnants of our hangovers were still clinging on and by the time we arrived at Kings Cross it was clear carbs were going to be needed! Luckily we stumbled across Canopy Market, we divided up to purchase our lunch and arrived back on the steps overlooking the canal with beers from and an array of streetfood, including halloumi burgers, tacos, arancini balls and ravioli. Instantly we felt better and ready to take on the rest of the day.

The canal enters the Islington Tunnel just after Kings Cross and I think were a few raised eyebrows as to where we were walking! Eventually we came across Chapel Market and the boys decided it was time for another stop, this time in the brew pub of local brewery One Mile End ( As you would imagine from a brewpub the range of craft beer was excellent, we all chose the very juicy New England style IPA which went down rather too well!

As we picked up the towpath again at Angel it wasn’t long until our next stop in one of your favourite pubs, The Narrowboat ( With its wood burners and large windows it’s the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by and they do a mean roast too if you’re passing on a Sunday.

The section around Angel of towpath was fairly busy with the Towpath Café, The Bargehouse, Arepa & Co and Proud East all good places for refreshments but we decided to walk onto Broadway Market hoping to catch the tail end of the market.

the two mile walk seemed longer after a few drinks and we arrived on Broadway Market thirsty. My my Uncle had arrived just ahead of us and we found himself outside Off Broadway (, it was by far the busiest pub we’d been in all day and we stood outside soaking up the atmosphere. The craft beer range is excellent and the range of cocktails and wines should mean that everyone is catered for. As we worked our way around the pubs on the street the weather deteriorated and finding a space inside become difficult but the rule of the day was only one drink in each place so undeterred we headed to the Dove next and then the Cat and Mutton. The Dove has a great range of Belgium beers alongside a few local ones and the Cat and Mutton was extremley busy by the time we arrived around 730pm, we just about found a spot at the bar to enjoy our Beavertown beers.

With weary legs and having enjoyed a few too many beers we decided to order an Uber and call it a day. I think our guests enjoyed their alternative tour of London and we certainly enjoyed our London Anniversary. Here’s to another five years of London adventures.

Mrs B xx

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