Graveney Gin – Taste Test

Graveney Gin – Taste Test

This gin ticks all of the boxes for me as a consumer, hand crafted (yes), local (yes) donates some profits to a worthy cause (yes)! All sounding a bit too good to be true? Well, I can say with certainty that contents of the bottle don’t disappoint.

Distilled in Tooting, South London using a small 30l still, this gin is truly handcrafted. All of the ingredients are organic and 10% of the profits are donated to a conservation charity who protect rare mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park, Eastern DR Congo. A visit to Tooting isn’t complete without a visit to their little bar in the market for a signature G&T.

The botanicals used are, juniper, angelia, orris, grapefruit peel, orange peel, boabub and goji berries. And tasted neat you get a kick of juniper before the citrus and earthy angelica notes kick in. The recommended serve is a slice of grapefruit and Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, but how do other tonics stack up?


Graveney Taste Test
Graveney Gin


London Essence – Rosemary and Grapefruit

This tonic is made with from the essential oils of the rosemary and grapefruit and as such it is a little heavier than other tonics on the market, but as a result the flavours taste more natural. Mixed with the gin the slightly citrus notes develop and the rosemary helps to bring the earthy dryness of the angelica and hiding in background are the piney notes of the juniper. Tasting 4/5

Fever Tree Mediterranean

This is more sugary than the London Essence and tastes a little lighter. Again they use essential oils but the quinine content is slightly higher giving it a drier finish. The citrus notes allow the gin to open up a little, but the not all of the flavours are allowed to develop. Tasting 3/5


This tonic is extremely bitter & tries to imitate how tonic would have tasted before the days of commercial production. For me it totally overpowers the gin, which I’m surprised at. Tasting 1/5

Fentimans Pink Grapefruit

This tonic is a combination of sweet, citrus and bitter and has a low quinine content. For me the sweetness slightly overpowers the gin, but you do get a little of the citrus in the aftertaste. Tasting 2/5

Tailored Tonic Citrus

This tonic is an ideal match for sweeter gins with floral or citrus notes and I went into this taste test thinking it would be a clear winner. However, it did slightly overwhelm the juniper notes and didn’t allow the angelica notes to come through creating a fairly sickly sweet citrus drink. Tasting 2.5/5

If you read my blog post on Isle of Harris gin a couple of weeks ago, you’ll notice that I used the same tonics this time around; do remember that everyone has a slightly different palate, so your preferred combination might be different to mine but the results do show that not all gins work with all tonics. And if you take one thing from this blog, please look further than the supermarket shelf this weekend and try something new. It’s good to experiment with new flavour combinations and expand our tastebuds.

Sarah. x










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