House update

House update

So, we’ve been in our new house four weeks now and it’s starting to really feel like home. But wow, what a four weeks it’s been. As I said in my previous post the first week was spent cleaning but what’s happened since then?

Well, although I say that the house is now starting to really feel like home the costs have really mounted up over the last few weeks so we’re still living out of boxes whilst we save a little more for bedroom furniture, it doesn’t seem to matter how much of a contingency fund you have when you move you’ll always need more, especially when your move coincides with a long awaited city break with friends and Cheltenham Festival week!

So where has the money gone?

  1. Changing the locks on all the doors and windows, a very costly but very important task to tick off the list
  2. Waste removal costs for the stuff left behind by the previous owner – 2 rotten sheds and their damp contents, some garden rubbish that had spent the previous few months decaying and 2 overflowing wheelie bins that the council refused to take as the recycling and waste was mixed
  3. Cleaning the gutters. This was picked up on the survey so when an advertising  leaflet popped through the door we thought better to get it done sooner than later.
  4. TV aerial – for some reason the previous owner had removed the TV aerial when they had sky fitted!
  5. Boiler service & system flush.

All of these maintenance jobs take time to organise and actually end up costing a lot more than you expect, especially when you want them done in a rush and don’t have time to shop around for lots of quotes. But I think we are finally at the stage where we can start planning in some actual works and start discussing how we see the space working for us in the long term. We both have different ideas on what is a top priority but part of the fun is planning and being flexible. Now where’s my spreadsheet time to get planning…..

Mrs B xx


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