Basement Makeover

Basement Makeover

Having lived in a small two bed flat for five years the move to a large townhouse was a bit of a shock, no longer are we falling over each other, instead we are losing each other! When we viewed the house for the first time I was perplexed at the fact the basement had been converted into a self contained flat but as we discussed it more we started to view it as an opportunity to help us raise some much needed cash to help with the renovations.

On moving in I was still a little sceptical about this, yes it’s fully self contained with it’s own entrance but on the other hand having the extra space for storage and visitors would be very handy. After much discussion I’ve been persuaded that renting out Monday-Friday allows us the best of both worlds. So the last few weeks have been spent preparing it ready for launch.

As with the other areas of the house the basement flat had been neglected so after a deep clean we set about giving it a quick makeover. Mr B was insistent this was all achieved on a low budget so I’ve been busy sourcing items from the sale pages! As someone who hates trawling through page after page of unwanted sale items it was eye opening to see some of the bargains you can find when you look hard enough. Dunelm Mill threw up good quality curtains at £25 a pair and the sofa from Groupon was a steal at £180. Argos was better value than Ikea for crockery, glassware and Amazon Prime came in very handy.

With the boxes starting to clutter the hallway it was time to tackle the painting. The decision on colour was easy given we had 40 litres of white paint leftover from our previous renovation and it also reduced the need to apply masking tape everywhere which was a huge time saver! The result is nice bright space, and now it’s been decluttered its a very comfortable space for 2-3 people!

The plumber is coming back in a few days to fit a new toilet and I need to purchase a mirror after that we’re ready to advertise. So if you know anybody who needs a Monday – Friday let close to Kings College Hospital in South London, do get in touch.

Mrs B xx


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