With World Gin Day fast approaching (9th June) have you decided how to celebrate? In the run up to the big event I have two masterclasses planned, but come Saturday I and many other gin enthusiasts will be heading to Tobacco Dock for this year’s Junipalooza event. I’ve never been before but I’ve heard only good things about this event so I am very excited to attend for the first time, but with over 60 distilleries and hundreds on gins on offer I think planning is going to be the key to success. In a recent email from the organisers, Gin Foundry, they suggest trying to aim for a maximum of 20 exhibitors so with that in mind, here are my top suggestions for the day.

My top 2 must tries are.

  1. Gwyr Gin Company – stand 12
  2. Renegade – stand 18

I’ve previously met with both distilleries and have both in my collection so on the day I’m probably going to walk on past because I want to try as many new gins as possible, however that doesn’t mean you should. These are my stand out gins of 2018 so far, it’s so hard to make a call on my favourite but put on the spot it would be Gwyr Gin by the tiniest of margins, it’s ok to be biased to your home country yes?

After this I highly recommend visiting

  1. Sharish, stand 21, the Pera Rocha was my gin of 2017 and I’m hoping they have some oak aged gin on offer.
  2. Tarquins – stand 62, I’m a very big fan of this distillery and everyone should try the Navy Seadog. Personally I’m excited to try some of the newer gins I haven’t yet got my hands
  3. Lone Wolf – they are on stand 1 so make sure you don’t walk on past these guys.

As for new gins I’m looking forward to trying for the first time, the list is extensive and I’m most excited to try Spirit of Toad, Hidden Curiosities, Puddingstone (Campfire), Persie and Crossbill but in between my target spots are Poetic License, Dingle, Ferdinands, Ramsbury, Wild Thyme Spirits, Anno, Herno, Uncle Vals, Bullards and Fishers. Quite a list I’m sure you’ll agree, the key to success going to be using the spittoons and plenty of water breaks.

Mixers wise I’m very keen to chat with Franklin & Sons, I’m a big fan of their tonic but for some unknown reason Sainsbury’s have stopped selling it so the only option is to purchase online which is rather costly and inconvenient. And I think a mid point stop at The Duchess on stand 15 will be very wise, could this non-alcoholic pre mixed G&T be the answer to my aim of staying dry Monday – Wednesday!

The distilleries for the new comers zone will only be announced a couple of days before and I’ll definitely be wanting to check this out, hopefully I’ll have the stamina to make it! Wish me luck fellow giners, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on the day.

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