Top Gins of 2018 so far

Top Gins of 2018 so far

As we fast approach the mid-point of the year I thought I’d recap on some of my favourite discoveries of 2018 so far.  

1.  Gower Gin – Hand foraged fennel takes centre stage in this beautifully balanced citrus gin. Add a slice of blood orange if in season or alternatively pink grapefruit, best served with 1724 tonic as recommended by Gin Foundry but I also like it with Schweppes 1783 Light or Luscombe Pink Grapefruit for a taste of summer. Buy it from 

2. Renegade Gin – Deliciously herbal, this grain to glass gin has a big creamy mouthfeel and makes tasty G&T when matched with a premium Indian Tonic, rosemary & thyme.

3.  Jekka’s Edition from 6’oclock – Another herbal gin, made with herbs from Jekka’s farm in Somerset, this is spring in glass. The perfect aperitif.

4.  Ramsbury – Another creamy grain to glass gin, the addition of quince here adds a subtle fruitiness. Team with their vodka for an incredible Vespa or enjoy in a long G&T garnished with apple or pear.

5. Bullards – Tonka beans provide a subtle vanilla creamy note to this slightly floral number. Enjoy in a clover club.

6. Cuckoo Sunshine Gin – Raspberries and honey take centre stage here, but don’t be fooled there’s a big hit of juniper in there too. A great alternative to a summer cup.

7.  Colonsay Gin – Juniper heavy with elements of citrus, this makes me want to pack a bag and head for their gin retreat in the Highlands.

8. Aber Falls Orange Marmalade – Proving that fruity gins can still be dominated by juniper this is perfect sipped neat over ice or mixed with tailored tonic citrus sweet for an after dinner sweet treat. 

9. Campfire Oak Aged – Perfectly executed! This gin sits in barrels for just long enough to pick up some of the sweet woody elements but not too long so that it bourbon becomes dominant. Try in an Old fashioned or Manhattan.

10.   Lone Wolf – Gunpowder. A perfect example of an Overproof gin, powerful enough to know you’re drinking it but smooth enough to sip without it burning your throat. This retains a big juniper and citrus element thanks to the whole pink grapefruits. Try in a G&T with Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic or use in a gimlet.

I’m sure you’ll agree that so far 2018 has produced some fantastic gins, here’s the next 6 months of discovery.

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