Gin in a tin

Gin in a tin

Once the preserve of a long Friday night train journey rush purchased from the nearest M&S gin in a tin has really upped its game this summer and with heatwave set to last I thought it was time to explore a few options available.

The Original – Gordon’s

Tastes as you would expect a Gordon’s and Tonic to taste, dry and slightly citrus, nothing complicated here. Best served from the can as when I poured it over ice the gin disappeared very quickly! A decent 2.5/5


M&S now have a range, but I tried the original. Very heavy on the citrus, juniper present and it didn’t taste too artificial. At 8% you don’t want too many of these. Best served cold from the can. A steady 3/5


At only 83p these are the cheapest on the market and there’s s reason! It tastes incredibly artificial, there are one too many sweeteners at play here, even ice and a slice couldn’t rescue it. Avoid 0/5.


Slightly sweeter than I’d prefer straight from the can but you can taste the juniper coming through from the gin. If ice and a slice if an option do it, with some lime the sweetness was toned down a little. A good option 3.5/5

Portobello Road

Portobello have teamed up with Franklin and Sons to create a lovely drink. At 5.5% it’s sessionable Zesty citrus notes and the piney juniper is always present. A gentle sweetness from the tonic brings it all together. I’ve taken these to BBQ’s and had over ice but I’ve also drunk them lukewarm from the can at a picnic. A very worthy 4/5

Lone Wolf

Tastes as a G&T should taste, citrus, piney and perfectly dry. This is as close as you can get to perfect with a pre-made G&T. A little more expensive than the rest, but worth it! 4.5/5

Whether it’s a train journey, festival or picnic these gins are a great way of enjoying a fuss free G&T during the summer.

Gin in a Tin


2 thoughts on “Gin in a tin

  1. I still need to try the Lone Wolf! I have to admit that when it comes to gin in a tin I tend to go for convienience – so whatever is stocked at the M&S at the train station for example!


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