Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin – Bullards

Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin – Bullards

I’ve wanted to try the original Bullards Gin for a while so I was very keen to meet the team at Junipalooza, when they asked me to review this version I was a little hesitant as I’ve not got the sweetest tooth so I was unsure that I’d do it justice. But just like the original, this gin is very good.

On the nose 

Juniper is present but it’s the strawberry that’s dominant, it smells very sweet, and the black pepper appears late on giving a gentle spice note.

To taste neat

The spice of the black pepper is present at the for before the strawberry hits you. The strawberry lingers above the black pepper whilst a hint of juniper remains present throughout – for gin purists this is a gin, not a gin liqueur! It’s not as sweet as I’d imagined with floral and spice notes bringing some complexity.

How to Serve

My initial thought was Tailored Tonic Sweet version, but it proved to be too sweet for me. Maybe great for someone with a very sweet tooth but I found it far to cloying. I then tried Fever Tree Mediterranean thinking that the herbal notes in the tonic would balance out some of the sweetness but again I was wrong! Next I played it safe with prosecco, beware this has the potential to be potent, but the serve was perfect. Dry and refreshing, the strawberry complimented the processco extremely well. With my stocks of tonic running very low I opted to try it next with lemonade and I was surprised at how well it worked. This is perfect refreshing drink for those who don’t like tonic but for me it was Franklin and Son’s Indian Tonic that proved to be the best match. It brought out the best in the gin with the black pepper notes coming out first, then the floral strawberry element in the finish. A really good long refreshing summer drink. I added mint as a garnish which brought out a lovely freshness.


This is a very versatile summer gin and I look forward to experimenting with a few cocktails whilst we’re still in the midst of this heatwave!

Thanks to Bullards of Norwich for the complimentary sample.






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