Gin Shopping

Gin Shopping

Christmas is now less than 8 weeks away and we’re all starting to think about buying presents and stocking up the cupboards ready for the festive period but with a plethora of gin based gifts on the market this year I’ve written a handy gift guide for all budgets.

Under £10

Jars of dehydrated citrus fruit. To prepare save some empty jars, buy some limes, lemons, grapefruit or orange and slice thinly then place on a clean grill pan lined with foil (see my Instagram story highlights) and place in the oven for a couple of hours on a very low heat until they’re dried out. Keep an eye on them so that don’t go too dark. Decorate the jar with a little ribbon

Gin The Manual by Dave Broom A handy guide to all things gin including some great cocktail recipes. £6

The Gin Dictionary by David T Smith – A complete guide to gin, taste notes, cocktails recipes and handy facts about the history of gin. £6

Bloody Ben’s MixThis pre-made mix of spices, Worcester sauce & tabasco just needs tomato juice & a shot of gin to make a perfect Red Snapper. The perfect cure to a heavy night! £7.99 (15% off with code DIYGIN)

Under £20

Needle gin – This fab gin from Aldi is an absolute steal at £14.99, serve with a slice of orange & Indian Tonic.

McQueen Colour Changing GinA beautiful citrus gin that changes from blue to pink when you add tonic and citrus. Aldi – £19.99

Gin GlassesSet of 4 copa style gin glasses. M& ( )

Jeffreys Tonic A set of 4 x 50ml tonic syrups, mix with soda & gin to make a G&T or with equal parts sweet vermouth & gin to make a nogroni. £15

Under £25 

Brecon BotanicalsA lovely floral gin, serve with Elderflower tonic & a slice of cucumber. Available in Morrisons, Tesco & Amazon for around £23

Aber Falls Orange MarmaladeA beautiful flavoured gin from Snowdonia, serve with ginger beer or hibiscus tonic. Amazon – £22

Haymans London DryA traditional London Dry gin with hints of citrus, serve with Indian tonic & a slice of lemon. Amazon – £23

Bulldog GinA great bottle for male gin lovers with its slightly masculine design, serve with grapefruit & Fever Tree Mediterranean. Tesco – £22

Under £40

Renegade Gin – Another bottle that will appeal to male gin lovers, this is wonderful grain to glass herbal gin. Serve with Indian tonic & a sprig of rosemary. £37

Gower Gin – With warming undertones of foraged fennel & lots of citrus this is a perfect winter gin when served with dehydrated blood orange. Also delicious with pink grapefruit. £40

Gower Gin (Pinwydd) A seasonal edition of Gower gin distilled with orange, cranberry, pink peppercorn & pine tips. Delicious with dried orange. – £29.95

Greensand Ridge – An ideal gift for conservationists, Will the head distiller forages for most of botanicals including cobnuts. He also uses excess fruit from local farms to create brandy and Raspberry Ghost. £34

Graveney Gin With 10% of profit being donated to help gorillas survive in their natural habitat this gin is a great option for gin lovers who love nature. Made in small batches in Tooting this organic dry gin is a perfect served with pink grapefruit.

Cuckoo sunshine – Infused with raspberry & honey this gin from Lancashire is perfect for sipping on a warm day. Serve with Tailored Tonic Sweet, lemon zest & a sprig of thyme. £39

Over £40

Tarquins Navy Strength – This striking bottle holds a wonderful overproof gin which is perfect for making gimlets or serving with Fever Tree Aromatic gin & lime. £41

Blue Slate – Complex with citrus and floral with hints of oak Jessica has created a very special gin that’s worth every penny of the £47.  Serve with Indian Tonic and a slice of orange.

Fatty’s OrganicThis bottle will stand out on any shelf, perfect for making martini’s to serve with smoked salmon. £44

Jin TalogNew for 2018 these guys are making big inroads in West Wales, this is a gin for gin lovers. Perfectly dry with only juniper as a botanical. Serve with Fever Tree light or as a very dry Martini. £41

Isle of HarrisThe gin that kick started my passion for all things juniper. Serve with the sugar kelp bitters for a taste of the Hebrides. £57 (including bitters, £37 without)


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